In anticipation of the World Cup, a 4,000-square-meter smart glass-built hospital with a view of Qatar is under construction

22042908271669                          Qatar is an Arab country in southwestern Asia, located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. Qatar has hosted the 2006 Doha Asian Games, the 2011 Asian Cup soccer tournament and has been awarded the right to host the 22nd World Cup soccer tournament in 2022.

As the 22nd World Cup approaches, Qatar will use Gismatic’s cutting-edge technology to show visitors its vibrant temperament and stylish appearance, allowing those in attendance to visualize, hear, and touch the country’s charms more visually.

The VIEW HOSPITAL building with Gismatic LED smart glass products is located in a prime location with high visibility from the Lusail Highway and the high-end “Pearl” development. The view overlooks the skyline of Qatar and Doha in a picturesque sea view.

THE VIEW HOSPITAL’s facade consists of 4,000 square meters of Gismatic Smart Glass etched with the View Hospital icon and horizontal metal shutters that block direct sunlight while allowing patients a wide field of view.

The View Hospital, currently under construction by Gismatt Qatar, will be ready to welcome the 22nd World Cup in Qatar and wish the World Cup a great success!

Gismatic Group has the world’s only transparent LED smart glass manufacturing technology, with more than 80 invention and utility model patents worldwide. The company keeps exploring new technologies and application fields of LED products. It is committed to enhancing the value of real estate and the art and media of architecture, and leading the future image of the city.

G-Glass is a kind of high-tech glass building materials with multiple scalability, also known as “LED transparent intelligent glass display”, which is a pioneering product with independent intellectual property rights dedicated to architectural advertising and lighting of glass curtain walls, it breaks the limitations of traditional LED display in glass curtain wall applications, with good durability, high It breaks the limitation of traditional LED display in glass curtain wall application and has many unique advantages such as good durability, high transparency, low maintenance cost and high safety factor.

Post time: Jun-06-2022